Compact & Portable

Cubii has been designed to be smaller than existing fitness devices. It fits right under your desk, requiring no change of your workspace layout or furniture. The lightweight machine is provided with a full-grip handle, making it easily portable.

Optimal Angles

Cubii is designed with the optimal angles that will allow your legs to move smoothly, provide you with the necessary exercise, and ensure that your knees don’t make any contact with the desk.

Adjustable Intensity

Cubii comes with an easily adjustable resistance, so you can choose the intensity level of your exercise. On average, Cubii burns over 120 calories per hour. The adjustable resistance along with the smooth elliptical motion prevents any distraction from work, and eliminates sweating that is common in other fitness equipments.

Track and Be Social

Cubii comes with a mobile app that tracks your exercise through revolutions, distance, calories, and more. The app connects wirelessly to Cubii and existing fitness tracks. Now you can share your progress with family, friends and coworkers through social networks!

Cubii Goes Green!

Your exercise generates electricity to power your phone via USB.

Choose From Two Colors

Available in Classic or Noir. More colors coming later!

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